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The Fascinet

One of my questions for my freshmen was "which of the following…

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The Fascinet of Hearts
One of my questions for my freshmen was "which of the following proposed reasons for the drop in the violent crime rate would be supported by Democrats and which by Republicans?"

Capital Punishment (increased capitol sentences reduces violent crime)
Surging Economy (more jobs and so on reduces violent crime)
Three Strikes Laws (more kids in prison reduces violent crime)
Gun Control (more restrictive laws on guns reduces violent crime)
Police Officers (more police officers on the streets reduces violent crime)
Crack Market Crash (reduced demand for crack cocaine reduces violent crime)

Which do you think.

Their answers, and answers to which actually reduce crime (according to their book) behind the cut.

Answers for only those students who listed individually (as instructed). There were an uncommonly large number not turned in because it was due just before Spring Break.

Capital Punishment: 1 Democrat - 4 Republican
Surging Economy: 2 Democrat - 2 Republican
Three Strikes Laws: 5 Republican
Gun Control: 4 Democrat - 2 Republican
Police Officers: 2 Democrat - 3 Republican
Crack Market Crash: 3 Democrat - 3 Republican

Interestingly, no one said both to any of the factors. I'd be surprised if either side thought that the crack market crashing or a surging economy wouldn't reduce the incidence of violent crime, for example.

Factors that contributed: Three Strikes Laws, More Police Officers, Crack Market Crash
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